What Is Poker Tournament?

A tournament is a kind of poker game when the players compete for a prize fund that is composed with their initial entry fees. Before the beginnings of the tournament, the players receive the equal number of chips and leave the competition when the player runs out of chips. One player can be the winner of a tournament, but normally the prize fund is divided between several winners. The organizer announces the number of prize places and winnings prior before the tournament starts. The tournament can be guaranteed, when the winnings sum is fixed and announced before the competition, or proportional when the players win the percentage from a total prize fund.


The tournament can differ by structure and speed. But one thing never changes. The main difference between a tournament and a cash-table is the players are raising bets all the time during the tournament. The players decide the stack size and leave the game when they lose or if decide to end the game, but this means that he/she loses the entry fee.

Tournament Types

  • Anonymous tournaments with hidden statistics and nicknames. It’s more difficult to analyze the opponents here, as you do not have a chance to see their prior statistics and make notes. Never the less, this type of tournaments attracts a big number of low-experienced players, and the competition level is not very high here.
  • Knockout tournaments are the competitions where the prize fund is divided into two parts. The first part is divided between the winners. The second part is used as an award for knocking out other players. For every knocked out player you receive free chips.
  • Freeroll – is a tournament type, where you do not have to pay any entry fee, nevertheless, you can win real money. Tournament organizer provides the prize fund, and the tournament can be entered only with tickets. Usually, you need to complete certain requirements to receive the ticket as a bonus.
  • Freezeout is a tournament where the whole prize fund is won by one player, not divided between several players, who have taken prize places.
  • SnG – is tournaments that starts when a certain quantity of players enter the competition.
  • Satellite – this is a competition for a chance to participate in a bigger and more prestigious tournament with a big entry fee.
  • MTT – the tournament with a big number of participants and a big number of tables.
  • STT – the competition with a single table only.
  • Rebuy tournaments where you can buy more chips during the limited time is you lose yours. In some cases, the number of the chips you can buy is limited too.

Tournament speed

The higher the tournament speed is, the more actions the players need to perform. The speed depends on the timeframes of blind growth. From this point of view, the tournaments are divided into:

  • Slow - blind increases every 15 minutes;
  • Regular - blind increases every 10 minutes;
  • Turbo - blind increases every 5 minutes;
  • Hyper-Turbo - blind increases every 3 minutes.

Tournament Speed

Tournaments can also be classified by the speed of blind growth or timeframes of this growth. From this point of view they can be Slow, Regular, Turbo, Hyper-Turbo. The higher the tournament speed is, the shorter the tournament is, and the more actions the player should perform.