What is SnG tournament?

SnG (Sit’n’Go) is a special kind of poker tournaments, that start when a certain number of players enter the competition. These tournaments seem attractive to the new players. The reason is that it’s easy to evaluate the risk-profit ratio and to choose a competition with the number of participants and speed that corresponds to your skills.


The strategy in the tournament should be made depending on the field size, blind growth, and tournament type. Let’s talk about each of this criteria in more detail.

Field size in the SnG tournaments

  • STT (single table tournaments) – usually they include 6 or 8 players (6-max or 9-max). They start and finish fast, the size of buy-in can differ a lot;
  • MT SnG tournaments include 18-990 players. The game is played at several tables at once. It takes longer to start this kind of tournament and the tournament itself lasts longer;
  • Heads-up – is a one-to-one competition. It can be held in a multi-table format when a winner in every couple enters the next stage of a competition until he/she enters the final round.

Tournament speed

The higher the tournament speed is, the more actions the players need to perform. The speed depends on the timeframes of blind growth. From this point of view, the tournaments are divided into:

  • Slow – blind increases every 15 minutes;
  • Regular - blind increases every 10 minutes;
  • Turbo - blind increases every 5 minutes;
  • Hyper-Turbo - blind increases every 3 minutes.

Types of Sit&Go

  • Regular tournaments with a classical payout scheme that varies depending on the number of players. For 9-max tournaments, the prize fund is divided between three winners according to the formula 50% - 30% - 20%. For 6-max tournament two players win the bank: 65% - 35%. For multi-table SnG tournaments, the prize fund is shared in a similar to MTT way.
  • The knockout tournament is a competition where a part of a prize fund is shared by the winners. Another part is used as an award for knocking other players out. For every knocked out opponent you receive a fixed prize. In the tournaments with progressive knockouts, the award can grow depending on the number of knocked out opponents.
  • Fifty (Double or Nothing) is a competition where a half of the players are announced winners. The prize fund is shared among them in equal parts. So every player has a chance to double an entry fee.
  • Rebuy is a tournament with an opportunity to rebuy chips during a certain period of time.
  • The shootout is a multi-table tournament. The game at one table continues until there is only one player left. He enters the next round. The game continues until there is only one final table left.