Omaha – Young and Popular Poker Game

Despite current popularity, Omaha is a young poker game that was not popular among professional players a few years ago. If you read the books, published about 30 years ago, that now are considered to be classical poker manuals, you will not find any information about that game there. But anyway now Omaha is more than popular, the popularity of the game continues to grow.

History of Omaha

The game named Twice Three that used to be popular in the 1970s has similar to Omaha rules. The difference is in the number of cards the player has. In this game, their number was 5. The idea to give 4 cards instead of 5, meant that more players could be playing at one table. And this influenced the game popularity unexpectedly. The game starting its way from Detroit and in the 1980s was first played in Las-Vegas. In several years first tournaments on Omaha high-limit were held.

Game Rules

The game’s goal is to make up the highest possible combination. 4 cards from the player's hand and 5 community cards are used for that. The combination must include two cards from the hand and three – from the face-up cards on the table. The game has several rounds with similar to Holdem rules. Only combinations and cards quantity differ.

Game Types

Currently, Omaha includes 4 game types with their own differences:

  • Omaha Hi;
  • Omaha Hi-Lo;
  • 5 card Omaha;
  • Oklahoma.


We have already told you about Omaha Hi rules. The difference of Omaha Hi-Lo is that two players can divide the bank between them. The first player is the one who has the winning hand and the second player is the one with the weakest hand. There are several criteria for a weak hand:

  • There should be no repeats among the 5 card in the combination;
  • Cards stronger than 8 cannot be used in the combination.


If no one managed to make up the weak hand that corresponds to these criteria the player with the winning hand receives the whole bank. The interesting thing about Omaha Hi-Lo is that Ace can be used both as a string and a weak card. That means that a player can make up both the strongest and the weakest combinations simultaneously and win the whole bank.


The only difference of 5 card Omaha is that the players receive 5 cards instead of 4. The rest of the rules remains the same.


Oklahoma game course is the same as in Omaha Hi. The only difference is that after the flop every player drops one card when making bets. This means that during River the player has 2 cards left instead of the initial four.