Texas Hold'em – How to Play the Popular Poker Game

Texas Holdem is one of the most well-spread poker games today. This might be explained with the fact, that Holdem is a main poker discipline in the major prestigious tournaments. Or maybe the reason is that this game is commonly mentioned in mass culture and played online. Anyway, today poker is usually associated with Holdem. Read how this game appeared and what its main rules are.

The History of Texas Holdem

Robstawn (Texas) is considered to be a place, where Holdem was played first. The game was gaining popularity in the saloons of the southern and later northern states. And in 1967 thanks to Amarillo Slim, Crandell Addington, and Doyle Brunson it was first played in Las-Vegas. In 1970s first tournaments were held and the popularity of this game continued to grow.

How to play

52 cards are used to play Texas Holdem. The aim is to make up the best possible combination with two initially dealt cards plus five community cards. The one who has made up the highest combination wins the bank.


The first tour is called pre-flop. Two players are making bets - small blind and big blind to make the initial bank. After that every player receives two face-down cards and needs to do one of the following:

  • Call – accepting the previous bet, and making the bet that equals a big blind;
  • Raise (and re-raise) – raising the bet. The bet should be higher than the one of the previous players (it might be limited or not depending on the game type – limit, pot-limit, or no-limit);
  • Fold – discard the player’s hand. In this case the player does participate in the game until the next hand and loses all the previous bets.


The second tour is called the flop. Three cards are put face-up on the table and players are making bets again. They can Call, Raise, of Fold and have several extra options:

  • Check – if a player has a highest bet in this tour he does not have to raise a bet or discard.
  • All-in – betting all the money the player has.

The third tour is called turn, one more card is put face-up on the table and one more round of bets is made.


The fourth and the last one is called river. The fifth community card is put on the table and the last round of bets is held. After that a showdown occurs and the winner is determined by the highest hand value.